La pequeña empresa, más perjudicada por la regulación estatal

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Así lo muestra un estudio de W. Mark Crain titulado The Impact of Regulatory Costs in Small Firms (descargar aquí). Pego algunos fragmentos:

This research updates and further delineates the disproportionality of the burden imposed by federal regulations on small business. Previous research bythe Office of Advocacy, Hopkins (1995) and Crain and Hopkins (2001), has established that regulatory and paperwork costs were found to be more onerous on small firms than on larger firms.

In the face of higher costs of federal regulations, the research shows that small businesses continue to bear a disproportionate share of the federal regulatory burden. The findings are consistent with those in Hopkins (1995) and Crain and Hopkins (2001). The research finds that the cost of federal regulations totals $1.1 trillion; the cost per employee for firms with fewer than 20 employees is $7,647.

Algunos ejemplos:

The sector-specific findings reveal that the disproportionate cost burden on small firms is particularly stark for the manufacturing sector. The compliance cost per employee for small manufacturers is at least double the compliance cost for medium-sized and large firms. In the service sector, regulatory costs differ little from small to larger firms. The disproportionality of the burden borne by small firms, identified in previous Advocacy studies, is further validated in this instance. On a peremployee basis, it costs about $2,400, or 45 percent, more for small firms to comply than their larger counterparts. The 2001 study, using a slightly different methodology, concluded that the disproportionality rate was higher—nearly 60 percent. Environmental and tax compliance regulations appear to be the main cost drivers in determining the severity of the disproportionate impact on small firms. Compliance with environmental regulations costs 364 percent more in small firms than in large firms.

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